Mold Testing in Katy TX Areas

Mold Testing in Katy TX
Mold Testing in Katy TX

At Asbestos & Mold Services of Katy, we provide Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Katy TX and surrounding Texas areas.

We only provide Katy TX Mold Testing and Mold Inspection, not Mold Removal and Remediation. There is a conflict of interest when hiring a company that removes the very thing that they test for, as it's in the company's best interest that the test turn out positive!

About Mold

Mold can be found everywhere in the Katy TX area, both indoors and outdoors, especially in places with a lot of moisture. Areas where water leaks and flooding have occurred, and near windows where condensation builds up, are especially susceptible, as is wet cellulose materials, paper and cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood, wallpaper, insulation and upholstery.

Katy TX Mold Testing
Katy TX Mold Testing

Mold spores can make their way into a building through the air (such as through open windows, doors, and ventilation systems) or by attaching to people or objects (like clothing, shoes and pets).

Exposure to mold can create adverse health effects, particularly for those who are sensitive to mold. Symptoms may include headaches, sinusitis and nasal stuffiness, decreased attention span and concentration, dizziness, respiratory symptoms and more. Children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are especially susceptible.

Superior Mold Testing in Katy TX Area

We use several mold testing methods for our Katy TX Mold Inspection services, including Air Samples (testing the air for mold spores), Bulk Samples (testing a piece of drywall or carpet with mold on it), Tape Lift (using tape to lift mold from a surface), and Swab Samples (using a moistened cotton swab to wipe the surface).

If you think that your Katy TX area home or place of business may have a mold issue, call Asbestos & Mold Services of Katy at 281-749-5022 for superior Mold Inspection and Mold Testing.

Rated A+ and Accredited by Better Business Bureau
Rated A+ and Accredited by Better Business Bureau
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